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Getting to know Colorado's only Root Medicine Woman®

Alchemist, Psychic-Moirai, Two-headed Doctor, Self-Defense Instructor, and Hermetic Astrologer

Dr. Kasemir, the founder of Panthers Gate University and 8 Hands Martial Arts, is highly respected in the field of Ancient Wisdom Divination (AWD) for positively impacting the lives of numerous clients.

Kasemir has extensive expertise in various disciplines, including philosophy, astrology, alchemy, and medicine weaving. In ancient times, weavers possessed an extraordinary ability to predict destiny and influence fate. They were the mystical architects of the tapestry of life, skillfully intertwining threads of possibility and purpose.

Today, Kasemir carries on this sacred tradition, using her profound knowledge to guide individuals towards a higher state of being.

With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, Kasemir encourages her clients to transcend earthly desires and embrace the divine experiences that await them. Through mediums such as scrying and astrology, she unravels the intricate patterns that weave together time and energy. Like a master storyteller, she employs metaphor and poetry to eloquently communicate these visions, bringing them to life in the minds of those seeking her guidance.

After dedicating over four decades to honing her gift, Kasemir has emerged as a respected leader in spiritual pathways within her community. Her profound insights into the spiritual realm are beautifully captured in her book, "Alchemy for the Soul," which offers readers a transformative journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment. Furthermore, her courses delve into rarely explored ancient practices, enabling students to delve into the depths of their own spiritual potential.

In addition to her expertise in ancient wisdom, Kasemir possesses a unique background as a military medic. This combination of healing knowledge and self-defense expertise allows her to offer an unparalleled blend of modalities that cannot be replicated. Her understanding of hermeticism adds an extra layer of depth to her teachings, empowering individuals to not only heal themselves but also protect their inner sanctum from negative influences.

Despite her preference for solitude akin to that of a hermit, Kasemir emerges when significant change is imminent. She stands as a beacon of guidance and transformation, ready to assist those who are prepared to embrace their true potential. To request her services and personally engage with this enigmatic visionary, please reach out to her through In-person interaction is her preferred method of communication, as it allows for a deeper connection and a more profound exchange of wisdom and energy.

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The Psychic - Alchemy Workshop

Discover a new perspective on the world and your role within it at Panthers Gate University. Join us for the Psychic Alchemy workshop, led by the esteemed Dr. Kasemir. Experience a transformative journey as you move from the depths of the unknown to a realm of enlightenment. Gain profound insights into the collective consciousness through exploration of your own unconscious. Dr. Kasemir utilizes the Socratic teaching style to help unlock the wisdom within each one of us. Allow her guidance to awaken your true potential and empower you to shape your own destiny. With her expertise, she intertwines the threads of fate, emanating a powerful energy that propels others on their own sacred path to higher realms.

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