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Be Impacted to the Root

Dr. Kasemir's Root Therapy: The most intensive healing regiment for systemic wellness.

  • Thousands of client's have received healing when all else has failed.

  • It has helped heal client's with Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, and addiction.

  • Individuals have healed trauma from abuse, loss, injury, and generational patterns.

  • Non-Western/Eastern practice rooted in Egyptian Mysticism.

  • Transformational Alchemy for the Soul. 

  • World's only non-reproduced method of curative care.

  • Best kept secret in practice taught only to select individuals pass the shamanic path.

Should You Let Trauma Be Your Life?

- by Dr. Kasemir

I would like to take a moment to discuss a topic that is often misunderstood and overlooked in our society – trauma. It is estimated that billions of people around the world silently suffer from various forms of trauma, yet we are conditioned to believe that it is simply an injury or something that holds us back from achieving success. However, I believe that this perspective is a result of control and programming imposed upon us.

Trauma is a deeply personal experience, just as each individual is unique in their own way. It is not something to be dismissed or suppressed, but rather an integral part of the greater cosmic architecture that shapes our lives. By mislabeling and misdiagnosing the root cause of trauma, we are doing a disservice to our spiritual community. Instead of relying on quick fixes or temporary solutions to help people bypass the necessary work, we should embrace the opportunity to delve deep into our own healing journey.

Having dedicated 35 years of my life to serving the source and gaining insights into the future, I have come to a profound realization. Many of us have been living with a veil pulled over our eyes, preventing us from seeing the truth and finding clarity. It is time to remove this veil and embrace the understanding that trauma is not a hindrance, but rather a catalyst for growth and transformation.

It is time for self-discovery and healing. Let us uncover the true purpose of trauma and empower ourselves to overcome its effects. Let us break free from the chains of conditioning and embrace a new perspective that allows us to thrive and succeed in all aspects of our lives.

Mountains and Glaciers
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