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Panthers Gate Community

Symbols of Transformational Work

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Panthers Gate University®, 8 Hands Martial Arts, and Root Medicine Woman® are the collective companies that created the Panthers Gate Community. I honor the foundation that has been built. Along side of these parent companies, we have affiliate LLC's that unite together to create the

Spiritual Alchemy Business Collective (SABC).

The Affiliate Partners

Please meet the community elders and the businesses they have created to service their communities.

Meet The Team

Panthers Gate Lil Witch is co-owned by Jazmine Ramerez. The shop is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and services the families and friends of the Hispanic and Pagan Cultures. She and the team provide tools, gifts, and insights into the practices of witchcraft, psychism, and magic. 

Tara is the Head Astrologer with Panthers Gate, who provides both personal and business readings for all staff and students. She is always ready to provide charts and full workups for individuals in need of clarity way beyond what is on the internet. We feel she is a valuable asset that any business or family would be wise to connect with for services.


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