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Why I am not so public

All people have a mission, whether they embark upon it or not. It is mine to be amongst the people and not out in front of them. I question whether true leadership only comes from standing out in the front and allowing others to follow. I am not much of a hierarchy-minded individual. I do not wish to stand on the backs of giants, nor be a giant who must support others on my shoulders. I wish to stand side by side with the people who are my kin.

I found being of service, in the field, doing the work, and demonstrating the process was surprisingly result developing. I found more people willing to step up and aid when everyone was empowered to be of benefit. No one person had to shoulder the responsibility. We were all accountable as a team and all naturally lead in harmony when the position of knowledge, timing, and location were aligned.

I am inspired by many, though, who reach the masses through technology and visibility. They act as a beacon for many who are blinded and lost. They are a lighthouse off the shore. Yet, I find myself on the ship sailing the waters and desiring to be one with the sea. Without the desire for land, I find that those who I journey with, experience the throws of forces greater than ourselves, and enjoy the pursuit of the journey. I may one day be a beacon for others, yet for now, is not on my mind, and likely will not be of my own choosing. However the divine sets forth the opportunities from my life's decisions, I will honor and will rise up to the call. Till the day that my formal role outshines my final role, I will continue to be united with others in arms and in service.

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