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Warrior Defense


Learn the art as it was meant to be explored. Practical application will be explain and worked through to help provide technical understanding of movement. Training in hand-to-hand combat (optional), weapons defense and offense (optional), sparring (optional), basic conditioning, fitness, technique, and movement by principle, is just a few of the subjects covered in this course. I specialize in Anthromancy© in Interdisciplinary Martial Arts (IMA)©, an esoteric practice of ancient times that reads an opponents movements, physical limitations, and mental intent, before they take action. This is a highly affective and well tested system, fighting skills, and defensive tactics that has been integrated into holistic philosophy of mind, body, spirit. It is the worlds only systemically integrated discipline currently, and emphasizes self-accountability, self-control, and evolutionary development without the expense of forgoing practical modern day application of self-defense. f you are looking to learn, improve fitness and conditioning, and increase performance overall in life, in a more educational than strictly competitive environment, then this is for you. The Power is inside of you waiting to be unleashed!

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